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where have I been!

I’ve been working away back at school for my masters of architecture. Its been busy and my plans to revamp the website have been put down the queue of priorities [D;]


I’ve started a tumblr to post my sketches and process as I go through first year —, and extension of the things I post here about sort of everyday life. It will have to do for now until I have a chance to work on the site. I have a few plans already, and ideas to incorporate the style of my portfolio in as well.


In other news, literally just finished midterm reviews for project 2 studio today, and I’m super exhausted from the past few day’s worth of work. I plan to get most things uploaded soon, but for now, here’s one of the highlight pieces that I worked on, a hand drawing that took me close 8-10 hours based on an isometric plan — because I decided to not build a 3D model and it came to bite me in the butt.



check out the tumblr for updates!

until then…


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bread season 2013 closing prep

The season’s over half done already! The days and hours always go by so fast when things are going smoothly. I started sketching the bread card doodles for end of season (when I wont’ be there D=). I have a different idea of what to do this year but it hasn’t been finalized fully yet. Ideas are still floating around.


Here’s a sketch for [bread] Winner:



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summering along

Hello Hello. I started sketching ideas for upgrading the look of the site. But haven’t actually made progress on it unfortunately. Its pretty tough with my limited knowledge of webdesign/coding and time to really get anything moving forward. But at least its on the back of my mind all the time. I started some other small things, like making a doodle everyday to keep me sketching. I’ve included my new snorlax companion, a new addition to my beloved ducky & co. >=D [see below] Though its a more cartoony doodle, its one of my hobbies and its fun. [today’s happens to represent my frustration with the public transit and my 40min –> 2.5 hr commute] I think it would be a good exercise to doodle something more design related everyday though. Maybe just find something inspiring online that I would normally just pinterest or post to my other social media sites, and just sketch it instead? Thinking out loud here.

more after the break — [work, softball]
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Spring –> Summer 2013

So I kind of skipped a season or something. But Hello.
I’ve been keeping myself busy for sure, but at the same time, not with anything massively big as a project. On top of work, I’m well engrossed into the softball season this year as I’m part of leadership (yay how exciting) and also preparing for grad school this coming fall (hello YSOA! more on this another time?).


I finally had a change to update the website of the firm I’m working at –> ghA. I was in charge of converting the whole thing over to a CMS for better management and updating. It uses wordpress just like this site. But its fully supported on wordpress whereas my lame site is part simple php+css and part wordpress php. Complete jumble if you ask me. Its definitely a side project to finally update the site to engulf entirely into wordpress just to make updating projects much easier. We’ll see if I get to that =[

Anyway, as I was saying, I updated the site with some recent projects we’ve done, in particular something I’ve worked on. We prepared a set of presentation drawings for the TRCA (Toronto and Region Conservation Authority) and they turned out pretty interesting. It was fun to do as well. Check it out, click to view the actual project page:


Its kind of too bad I’ve been so out of the loop with updating, but I think things are clearing up and I might be able to start again. Do some art, update the site, learn some programming, etc. The site is in terrible need of an update, especially with linking up my social media sites. Todo list for sure


I think I will update with another post about the summer, with more pictures too!




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Merry Holidays!

Merry Holidays everyone, and a Happy New Year!



Here are two cards I created to finish off the year. Wow 2012 passed by ridiculously fast. I feel like so much has happened and yet not enough.  It didn’t even feel like a super dragon year either since it went by so super fast! But I still had lots of fun, got things done, etc. Looking forward to getting more things done and being more productive in 2013 along with having even more fun and connecting more with my friends. cheers.

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